About Redmond's Peanut Free

Thanks for your interest in Redmond’s Peanut Free Facility & Foods. We also found out that our son has a rare disease called Mastocytosis, Urticaria Pigmentosa, which means he has a massive amount of mast cells (histamines). Having this disease means he has to avoid certain triggers that would degranulate the mast cells.  One of the triggers he has to avoid is anything that he is allergic to which is peanut. This allergy was already severe on it’s own, now with this disease added to it, it is even more life threatening. For more information and awareness log on to (Mastokids.Org). This disease needs more researchers for finding not only the cause but especially a cure. Look for the day when we can raise money with the help from you to make this happen. Our Redmond’s Peanut Free Almond Butter Is Absolutely Almondtagious!

We’re starting off with Peanut Free Almond Butter, But look for more Peanut Free Foods coming your way. Keep checking regularly.